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Discover our water dispensers for companies

Treat your teams to high-quality, pure water with a microfiltered water dispenser and actively contribute to saving the planet through a zero-kilometre, environmentally responsible approach.

AQUAchiara offers companies efficient, high-performance products with a simple, stylish design, which use tap water to produce still or sparkling water at room temperature or chilled according to your employees' preferences.

Our dispensers can also provide hot water for making tea or coffee.

As well as offering the purest water, you also create a sociable space to support your teams’ well-being at work.

An alternative to water bottles

Go bottle-free, with water dispensers for businesses. Buying bottled water means extra costs: transportation, deposits and returns, storage, containers, and more.

Investing in a water dispenser for your office is a more economical solution.

AQUAchiara pure water dispensers feature microfiltration technology and UV-out lamps as standard, together with TOUCHLESS or foot-operated remote switches.

These self-service systems have a simple, elegant design and look great in your cafeterias, kitchens, social spaces, co-working areas and meeting rooms.

Our dispensers always come with personalised glass or stainless steel water bottles, provided to your teams to support their well-being and helping you put an end to the madness of plastic water bottles.

AQUAchiara’s microfiltered quality water dispensers also provide you with tailor-made responsible solutions.

A plus for your CSR strategy

Water bottles made entirely of plastic are a genuine disaster for the planet.

Replacing them with a water dispenser that provides fresh and sparkling microfiltered water is an environmentally friendly approach, which fits perfectly into a CSR policy by reducing your carbon impact and waste, and promoting well-being at work!