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Towards more lasting consumption and lifestyle

“I have grown near the marine world and nature, in my family’s home on the Adriatic coast. I have soon become aware of the oceans pollution. Waste invaded our everyday life on earth and in the oceans. A simple question asked : how to do to smartly participate, to the limitation of plastics on our beaches?


How do we instantly produce higher quality fresh still or sparkling tap water better than any traditional water bottle, avoiding transport and wastes, both expensive and polluting?”


Therefore Nicolas W. and Gianni S. created in 2006 the “Zero kilometer tasting water”.

Gard Aqueduc

Thanks to  AQuachiara expertise, approved by the French and Italian Ministry of Health, the mains water is collected locally and optimized on point of use thanks to a 0,3 micron microfiltration process which preserves all the benefits of the mineral salts naturally present into the regional water, and  which eliminates the substances that alter the taste of the tap water, such as chlorine and heavy metals. Thus AQuachiara restores to the regional water its original mineral taste.


While traditionally a water bottle travels an average of one thousand kilometers from the source to the table of a restaurant, AQuachiara is a 100% local water.


The ecological footprint balance is very positive thanks to its zero kilometer logic.


The cool and innovative AQuachiara solutions cut down the use of more than 30 Million traditional water bottles just for the year 2018.


Much less waste!