AQUAchiara pure water – our history

As a pioneer from 2007, Nicolas W. has developed a submicron technology, to restore tap water “on point of use” for luxury restaurants and hotels, with a perfect taste, fresh and sparkling INSTANTANEOUS !




During his first meeting with an industrial partner, they worked on their new AQUAchiara concept and took up their new challenge based on a simple idea:


“AQUAchiara, the ZERO KILOMETER craft water”.

The success is immediate because AQUAchiara innovation allows restaurants and hotels to serve local tap pure water with an ecological approach.


The short supply chain combined with AQUAchiara exclusive technology offers a sustainable way of drinking water


“I grew up near the ocean world and nature, in the family home on the shores of the Adriatic sea. I was aware of ocean pollution.

Wastes and plastic bottles invade our daily lives, over land and in the oceans.

A simple question arose: how to limit plastic wastes on our beaches?


On some Mediterranean islands, water is limited and precious, and water optimization technologies have always been part of my thoughts.
Tap water is available in all houses across Europe, how to optimize “on demand” tap water, make it still or sparkling, as good as any traditional water bottle, avoiding waste and transportation, costs and pollution ?


In 10 years of strong growth, with several experiences, Nicolas established a teamwork and trust, and developed the AQUAchiara “know-how” through France and other international countries.

Thanks to the know-how of AQUAchiara, approved by the French Ministry of Health, the tap water is optimized on-site thanks to a 0.5 micron microfiltration process which preserves all the benefits of naturally occurring mineral salts in the water of the region, while eliminating substances that alter its flavours, such as chlore and heavy metals. AQUAchiara thus restores the original taste of the mineral salts of the water of each region.


While traditionally a bottle of water travels an average of thousand kilometers between the spring and the table of a restaurant, AQUAchiara is 100% local water. The ecological impact is reduced with a ZERO kilometer logic: very little CO2 generated and hydrocarbons consumed.


It does not require bottling, packaging or transport of instructions, it is bottled on site instantly before being consumed.


Since its creation, the trendy and innovative concept of AQUAchiara has made it possible to reduce more than 30 million traditional water bottles in 2019 alone !


So, less waste and less plastic !


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