Pure water - our history

Co-founders, Gianni and Nicolas entrepreneurs and pioneers of “on point of use” pure water micro-filtration, for luxury restaurants and hotels.

From their first meeting in 2006, they are working on their new concept AQuachiara.

Nicolas W. created in 2007 his new company based in Paris, towards a new challenge from a simple and relevant idea:


“AQuachiara the Zero Kilometer still and sparkling pure water “.

Success was immediate because AQuachiara is an innovative, economic and ecological table pure water solution.


“I grew up near the ocean world and nature, in the family home on the shores of the Adriatic sea. I was aware of ocean pollution.


Wastes and plastic bottles invade our daily lives, over land and in the oceans.


A simple question arose: how to limit  plastic wastes on our beaches?


On some Mediterranean islands, water is limited and precious, and water optimization technologies have always been part of my thoughts.

Tap water is available in all houses across Europe, how to optimize “on demand” tap water, make it still or sparkling, as good as  any traditional water bottle, avoiding waste and transportation, costs and pollution?


In  10 years of strong growth, with several experiences,  Nicolas  established a teamwork and trust, and developed the AQuachiara “know-how” through  France and other international countries.