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AQUAchiara at the restaurant Papillon with Christophe Saintagne

Christophe Saintagne receives us at Papillon.

Originally from Normandy, Christophe Saintagne is a talented young chef with an impressive professional experience.

Twenty years alongside renowned chefs such as Jean-François Piège and Alain Ducasse, where he will be the “Corporate Chef” of Alain Ducasse’s restaurants and then will lead successively the kitchens of the Plaza Athénée and Le Meurice, two Parisian palaces and three-star tables .

A new project is emerging early 2016 for Christophe: the project of his Parisian table, Papillon, which opens in early February in the 17th arrondissement of Paris.

When selecting water, Christophe Saintagne wanted to go to the end of his short chain approach for his products and offer his customers a “home” water.

Christophe Saintagne wanted to install a water fountain design, which would have its place in the restaurant and which would propose a Paris water of quality, pure water because micro filtered, served instantly flat or sparkling and refrigerated.

A water that keeps the mineral salts and free of any impurities thanks to our micro filtration process deposited and ultra-performing. Water served in design and personalized water bottles AQUAchiara.

Here was born the meeting of Chief Christophe Saintagne and AQUAchiara.