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Meeting with Thierry Lébé at the restaurant “COQ RICO”

After opening “Mon Vieil Ami” on Ile St Louis, but also “Drouant”, the famous Goncourt restaurant, the 3*-stars Chef Antoine Westermann has set up in the heart of Montmartre on Lepic street to open the Coq Rico, the embassy of French poultry in Paris.

Executive chef Thierry Lébé and his brigade interpret the cuisine of Antoine Westermann with talent and respect.

Le Coq Rico is not a rotisserie! It’s a chef’s kitchen around poultry!

Chefs Antoine Westermann and Thierry Lébé were looking for an alternative to traditional water bottles that travel hundreds of kilometers before arriving at the table. Their will was to propose a pure water, the water of Montmartre, thanks to a fountain with fresh and sparkling water. But how to optimize water from Paris to serve pure water to customers, while adopting an eco-citizen approach and a sustainable logic, eliminating transport between the source and the place of consumption and limiting the production of waste as well as On-site congestion?

Here was born the encounter between the Coq Rico and AQUAchiara expertise, for micro filtered water.

The chefs Thierry Lebe and Antoine Westermann receive us at Coq Rico.